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The Indian partner to UBS Optimus Foundation's global child protection efforts, aims to support the nation's most vulnerable children to grow up in families and family-based care, where they can access care, and reach their full potential, supported by a loving family and community


Every child and youth in India is protected and thriving in safe and nurturing families and communities.


Transform aims to reform childcare systems in India by promoting a prevention-based approach and providing access to quality family-based alternative care when it is in the best interest of the child.

intended impact

By 2025, Transform will collaboratively develop a preventive and family-based alternative care model of child care in Maharashtra to enable some of the most marginalized children to remain and thrive in families.

India is estimated to have nearly 35M children in need of care and protection.

India is estimated to have one of the largest populations of at-risk children in the world

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